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Enhanced Protection Against Airborne Infectious Particles

The VentBoard is an air filtration system that reduces the exposure to airborne infectious particles for healthcare workers, patients, and visitors by utilizing a source-focused technology that captures airborne infectious particles at the source. The VentBoard utilizes a patent-pending headboard design that pulls air from the head area of the patient through a HEPA filtration system and exhausts filtered air back into the room.

Source-Focused HEPA Filtration

Capture airborne infectious particles at the source

Greater Protection than an N95 Mask*

According to the CDC Study, "Expedient Methods for Surge Airborne Isolation within Healthcare Settings during Response to a Natural or Manmade Epidemic", the expedient airborne isolation research discussed within this document has identified isolation configurations that rely upon inexpensive, off-the-shelf materials and HEPA filtration systems that are commonly found within healthcare facilities. Most provide better real-time source protection from infectious aerosol than that expected to result from an N95 respirator. In several cases, the protection is several times better.  *based on standard source focused air filtration cited in above named study available on our resources page.

Deploys in Minutes

The VentBoard is a complete system that can be deployed in a matter of minutes using only basic tools. The system easily disassembles for sanitation.

9 Minutes

Turns over air in a 15 x 20 room in 9 minutes.

VentBoards PDF Quick Info Sheet

Quick download for a printable information piece on the VentBoards system.

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