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How a VentBoard Works

  1. A resident shows possible symptoms of an illness or virus.

  2. Install VentBoard System to patient bed and turn on HEPA box on to protect other residents, healthcare workers, and visitors from possible exposure.

  3. The VentBoard uses negative air pressure to help with aerosol containment before contaminants have a chance to disperse.

  4. The HEPA filtration reduces the number of airborne infectious particles helping protect the air and surrounding surfaces from contamination.

  5. The canopy allows low-velocity air currents to capture and remove airborne infectious particles without irritating the patient.

  6. A typical 20 x 15 patient room will have the air completely turned over and cleaned approximately every 9 minutes.​ 

Who Should Use a VentBoard?

  • Skilled Nursing Homes

  • Healthcare environments

  • Field Hospitals/Emergency medical shelter environments

  • Large scale response exercises (mass casualty events)

  • Triage stations

  • Immigration and quarantine stations

  • Health departments

  • Hospitals

  • Low-resource environments

  • Virtually any alternate-care location


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  • Bolster Infection Prevention Programs to help prevent outbreaks.

  • Quickly create airborne infectious particle isolation surge capacity.

  • Cost-effective, easily deployed option versus expensive negative pressure rooms.

  • Reduced airborne infectious particle exposure for staff which can improve morale.

Healthcare Workers

  • ​Increased protection against airborne infectious particles in direct patient care creating a safer work environment.

  • Increased air changes per hour resulting in lower airborne particle counts in patient room.

  • Install in a matter of minutes with only basic tools.

  • Easy to clean and disinfect.


  • ​Quickly and easily deployed isolation system if other residents become ill, lowering chances of impact to your loved ones.

  • Peace of mind that family members have added protection from airborne infectious particles.

How it Works

The VentBoard system is source focused, meaning it concentrates its initial air pull directly from the most contaminated source in the room, the patient in bed.  This prevents contaminated air from traveling in the room past caregivers and visitors on its way to a traditional air filtration system.  Source focused air capture has been recommended by the CDC.


Product Sheet

VentBoards Source Focused Product Sheet

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