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How It All Began

Below, Please see the CDC's (NIOSH) recommendation on using and building a Ventilated Headboard.  For those who want a turn key solution, we have created the patent-pending VentBoard System that can be fitted to most current healthcare beds or used as a stand alone unit.

Available Resources

VentBoards Particle Reduction Test Results

VentBoards internal data results adapted from the NIOSH droplet nuclei test protocols.

Effectiveness of a Local Ventilation/Filtration Intervention for Health-Care Worker Exposure Reduction to Airborne Infection in a Hospital Room

This study numerically examines the effectiveness of an expedient intervention to provide surge airborne-isolation capacity and health-care worker (HCW) protection during epidemics such as pandemic flu. The intervention pairs a portable ventilated headboard with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter/fan system.

Vented Individual Patient (VIP) Hoods for the Control of Infectious Airborne Diseases in Healthcare Facilities

By providing a means of separating the airborne emissions of patients from the air breathed by healthcare workers (HCWs), vented individual patient (VIP) hoods, a form of local exhaust ventilation (LEV), offer a new approach to reduce hospital-acquired infection (HAI).

Expedient Methods for Surge Airborne Isolation within Healthcare Settings during Response to a Natural or Manmade Epidemic

This CDC report highlights various methods for surge isolation within healthcare settings.

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